scale different compared to tutorial videos

HI all,

This is my first post here and not going to lie I am a noob so please excuse if this is a silly question. I am following a great series of tuturial videos on youtube and starting to make my first level. I have noticed that whenever they set the measurements in the video and I follow the same measurements I end up with some massive behemoth compared to what I am seeing in the video. They do seem to be using a slightly older version so have the measurements changed or is there something simple I am missing?
I can rule out that its not just the camera being zoomed closer or something silly like that (a noob not a complete moron haha) but still cant seem to work it out.

I know its probably a silly question so please be kind but any advice would be extremely helpful :slight_smile:

Thanks and have a great day.

Welcome! :smiley:
Could you probably post a link to one of those videos so that I can check it? -> as far as I know there were no scale changes.

That would make sense :slight_smile:

Im using this one here

At around the 2.50 mark when he is making his ground. He enters 500 x 500 x 20 which when I do it makes something massive. As I said he is using an older version but I still think there is something I am missing as a scaling change seems strange.

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I haven’t watched the video, however in ue3 the units were 1uu = 2cm, now it’s 1uu = 1cm so that’s probably what you are seeing.

The box has other default scale values + it seems like that the scale is different two…really strange → when you add a value of 100 to Z, it will look different
But this shouldnt be a problem, you dont have to follow the video step by step → just use your own values :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help guys. I think the issue I had was I was adjusting the scale of the object not the size :-S

It all seems to be matching up with the video now. Sadly enough I worked this out as I went into the comments on the vid and other people were doing the same thing haha. Either way all sorted now thanks for your help guys.