Scale Character without Collision Capsule becoming uselessly large?

Specifically I am trying to make a game where characters can grow to several times their initial size. And have other characters able to pass through their legs etc.

However the only solution I can think of to ensure collisions still works at larger scales is to scale up the capsule.
Which means there is a vast capsule blocking anything that would pass between the characters legs.

Other than creating a custom pawn class, is there any workaround to this?
if not then character class is utterly useless to me. For several other reasons as well. :frowning:

But it seems ridiculous to think that Character classes would be so obscenely limited. So I pray I am missing something. Thanks.

You can always create custom collision channel and when your character is enlarged, you can set the capsule (root) collision to ignore or overlap with other actores. To still be able to block other characters, when they come directly to legs or torso, you will need to add few other collision capsules and attach them to appropriate bones. This way when your character is large, other actors will be able to walk between legs, but not through them.

I’ve just been playing around with that very idea. But I can’t get any other collision capsules to trigger consistently when another character hits it.
Around 10% of the time the capsule will block the other character and the rest of the time it acts as though it isn’t there at all. :frowning:

From what I’ve read this is due to the way the CharacterPawn handles collision while moving. It seems to ignore its other collision volumes during its sweep from a to b.

Though why it still seems to work 10% of the time I have no idea. I still have hope this will work with CharacterPawn but I’m pretty lost :stuck_out_tongue:

I got it! :smiley: Forget that last comment! I just had to mess around with the collision settings a little more :3

It’s still a little iffy, but its vastly better now! Thanks.