Scalar Parameter (materials)


I’m trying to make a blueprint, where I can dynamicly change the animation phase of Flipbooked material. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong… Here you can see, how I work with it:

I created a material parameter collection called “MatParam_collection” and there I got one scalar parameter called “ResultTableAnimPhase”:

Then I created a material with flipbook like this:

It is supposed to make this animation (I’m adding starting and ending position):
Then I have a widget (with result table), that is supposed to show up after you finish a level… I use there “event tick” to make the animation like this:

The problem is, that after the widget is constructed (the result table is shown), the animation stucks on the ‘0’ phase… By using breakpoint I found out, that it seems, that the parameter value is changing, but it doesn’t affect the material (respectively the result table animation)… I can’t figure out, what is wrong?