Scalability Settings Not Working On Mobile (Android)

Is it possible to allow mobile users to change the quality of the game on their phones with button presses executing console commands such as ‘sg.ResolutionQuality 50’ … This works on PC (in editor preview, new window and standalone game) but not on mobile packaged game.
If there is any simple quick way to do this (without profiles) it would be really good.


You can definitely change some of those settings, but I think mobile resolution is very picky. You can’t change resolution on the fly, and there is no Screen Percentage option for post processing.
I have successfully changed AA quality with r.postprocessaaquality" being typed into the console command, as well as r.bloomquality, and maybe a couple other random ones.

Also keep in mind that you can use the Device Profiles to alter some rendering settings based on phones. I know you can do it through the editor, but I’ve had better results going straight to the BaseDeviceProfiles.ini in the Engine configs. Here, you can set a lot of console variables, including MobileContentScaleFactor, which is the resolution. I believe the only reliable numbers are 1 and .5, but I’ve heard that Android phones can also do something like .75. So if your client has a low-end phone (as judged by something I don’t know about in UE4), you can do some of the work for them, while keeping awesome settings for the latest GPUs.

Thanks alot! I think those few console commands seem to work (cant easily tell between low and high AA as i have such little in my level), and i will try those profile changes aswell. Thanks.