Scalability settings in HTML 5 not doing anything


I cannot see any difference in quality when changing the scalability settings of the UGameUserSettings object’s ScalabilityQualityLevel variable. Also the application crashes when I tried to use the SetFromSingleQualityLevel function. Turns out that changing the AntiAliasingQuality setting to anything less than 2 caused the crash. Are there any solutions or alternatives? I looked into using the MobileContentScaleFactor setting as HTML5 uses the same rendering pipeline as mobile, but it didn’t have any effect either.

This all works as expected in a windows executable.

Here’s the code I’m using:

void UGraphicsSettingsLibrary::SetQualityLevel(int32 Level)
	UGameUserSettings* pUserSettings = GEngine->GetGameUserSettings();

	pUserSettings->ScalabilityQuality.TextureQuality = Level;
	//pUserSettings->ScalabilityQuality.AntiAliasingQuality = Level;
	pUserSettings->ScalabilityQuality.EffectsQuality = Level;
	pUserSettings->ScalabilityQuality.PostProcessQuality = Level;
	pUserSettings->ScalabilityQuality.ShadowQuality = Level;
	pUserSettings->ScalabilityQuality.ViewDistanceQuality = Level;	


It’s a static function declared in a class derived from the UBlueprintFunctionLibrary class. I call it using blueprints in my application.

Hi PerWikman -

Can you clarify for me where the crash is occuring? Are you Launching on Mozilla Nightly Build or Chrome and it is crashing in the Browser or is the editor crashing? Also can you include any Crash Reporter information is the crash is in the editor, most importantly your Machine ID?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

The crash occurs when I run the packaged build in the 32-bit version of Firefox. I haven’t tried running the application in Chrome or Nightly. Everything works fine in the editor. No crashes there.

However changing the scalability settings in the editor when in preview rendering level HTML5/Mobile doesn’t seem to do anything either. Maybe this is intentional?

Hi PerWikman -

The Crash is a result of trying to build on a 32-bit Browser. A 64-bit Browser is required in order to Build to HTML5 currently.

The Scalability settings do appear to not be applying in the HTML5 deployed build though. I have entered a report as UE-15939 and will keep you informed here as we work toward a solution.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Just ran some tests and the anti aliasing quality level can be changed on Chrome, Chromium and Opera without any problems. The packaged application crashes when changing it on both Firefox and Nightly.