Scalability change runtime?

I want to change the settings using the Scalability settings like:…nce/index.html

But other than screen%, it seems on runtime android does not work, yet on PC or Preview yes. Please, anyone knows the commands to change during runtime the settings on android?


Many of these should be set in DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini based on the device. You can look at the logcat output to see which profile is picked and the CVars applied.

Thank you for the reply. I know I can change the values on the .ini. But that’s mean we cannot change those values during runtime?

Some settings can be changed at runtime like r.screenpercentage as you mentioned, but others need to be set early. You can test which ones have an affect with the console.

Thanks for the reply. So there is no list for those settings that can be changes during run-time, right? :frowning:

In my experience Shadows and Anti-Aliasing quality can be changed at runtime. Effects and Post Process sometimes require shaders to be recompiled when racking the quality back and forth (especially between low, medium, and high), which I imagine would not be permitted at runtime. I imagine View Distance can also be changed, but I’m not sure if any of this has any effect on the mobile renderer.

OK, so testing on the previewer, here’s what I know:

  • Screen Percentage - YES! I’m not sure exactly how low you can set this, but it scales from that up to 100%. After 100% you get strange cropping issues.
  • Anti Aliasing - Yes, sort of. With TXAA you only have 2 settings, on or off. sg.antialiasingquality set to 0 or 1 will turn it off, set to 2 or 3 turns it on. Not sure about MSAA or FXAA as I was unable to get these to work on the previewer. I’ll need to test more on the device.
  • Max FPS - YES! This is good for the user to limit inconsistent framerates.
  • V Sync - Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to determine either way.

Between capping resolution and framerate and turning AA on or off, there are already enough options here for any mobile game to scale from modern midrange up to the newest and most powerful devices! Taking a complex, open-world-type game with many draw calls and targeting lower will be more of a challenge. I just can’t wait for Vulkan :expressionless: