SB Game Studios: Looking to build a great team for developing games

SB Game Studios is looking for talented people to join in return for equal share as the “Original Crew” in the Studio. This means all original crew members own an equal share in the Studio and after the successful launch of our first demo, when funding is acquired for the full game we all get paid equally during and after from the profits and funding. Until funding is secured we are all working on future royalty base. All employers hired after demo launch are just normal employers without shares or the right to share of profits etc. This is a great opportunity to form our very own Studio and make our mark on the game scene.

I am looking for Unreal4 Engine talents in:

  • 3d graphics artists (background, character, cutscene, open world)
  • 2d concept artists
  • SFX/composer/Audio Programmer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Game developers/designers
  • Writers

My own role is Game Developer/Writer/Producer as my talents lie in these areas along with PR and Publicity.

Please send me your CV’s along with some of your own work for evaluation. You can be located anywhere in the world at this stage, because up until our demo is playable and we can start acquiring funding for the whole game we will be working from our homes and keeping in touch via internet. Once funding is secured, we can decide where to relocate and form our base of operations or game studio.

The level of talent I am looking for is Witcher 3, Dragon Age Inquisition, Skyrim, GTA V etc. so the bar is high but it must be if we want to make a living out of the thing we love.

I am working in the pre-production on the first version of the Narrative Summary for my idea for the game, so once we start getting the team together, I can send it and we can brainstorm it forward together to make it even better and more compelling to gamers all around the world.

Looking forward to hearing from ambitious talents that want to be free to make their own mark on the gaming industry.

Thank you,

Sebastian Bowles
SB Game Studios (Part of Bowles Enterprises Limited)