Saying the design resemblance is accidental?

Hi all,
A few days ago I posted that I was worried that my design looked similar to a AAA game’s design. I changed it based to some antique found at the attic, and the game is pretty much ready. Now I found a design similar to it again, by some blacksmith who is re-making some antique stuff for sale. At their website there is that the design is based on antique parts as well.
As I don’t really feel like doing it again, as this one looks pretty cool IMO, is it enough to just give a message at the bottom of the main menu that my design is based on antique parts and the resemblance to modern smiths’ work is barely accidental?

You shouldn’t need a disclaimer. It’s pretty common and natural for different games to use similar styles. It’s not plagiarism if you didn’t steal their ideas or work.

Thanks for the update. By the way, the smith I mentioned, he really is a smith, and makes all sorts of historical whatnot replicas.

There’s your keyword. If someone’s making replicas, chances are they aren’t the only one doing it. This sort of thing happens all the time.