Sawed off double barrel shotgun from photogrammetry

I am working on a sawed off double barrel shotgun, post - apocalyptic style, created mainly by photo-scanned data of an actual weapon.
I plan to make it fully rigged and animated for the marketplace, with gauges, particle effects and sounds.
Would that be of any interest to you?


It looks cool. What does your workflow look like when using photogrammetry?


It depends on the subject, but in general:

  1. I shoot hundreds of photos per object using FF DSLR Cameras
  2. I light the objects in a controlled, studio lighting, often with cross polarization
  3. Process the scan data in Reality Capture
  4. Clean up usually in ZBrush
  5. Retopologize, unwrap etc in Blender

But it really depends on the subject… For the shotgun for example I needed to have two sets of images. One to capture the texture and one to capture the geometry (using a anti-reflective coating on the metal surfaces).