Hi Again…
I know this is a super noobish question but how do you save your scene.
I tried the save button and saved all the assets. However when I open the scene up again its empty aside from the content browser.
It shows the full scene in the Projects icon when starting unreal until i open it.
any ideas?


Hi Colin,

You’ll want to hit save. This will save your map. When you open up it’s going to default to this map. You can do one of two things.

  1. You can go to File > Open Level > find your map and start it.

  2. If you want this to be your map that loads every time you start this project do the following:

Toolbar “Edit” > Project Settings > Maps & Modes > Editor startup Map > Hit the down arrow to choose from maps that are in the saved folder.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!