Saving whole actors

Ok so hello, i’m making an MC like game and i want to ask if there is a way to save whole actors onto disk and them load them with all variables that would not be the same every time, which means i can’t use structures :). Any idea is welcome.

Datatables probably. Not sure if you can save an entire actor, but you can probably store all the variables into a datatable and respawn an actor with all the same variables.

From what i now they are not flexible and i need something flexible. I want to implement NBT data similar concept.

And whats the problem with Savegames and Structures?
I dont understand why you cant use them.

For example i want to have a block that stores energy and a block that stores some kind of binder fluid and i realy don’t want to make a new structure for each of them and then save them…
Yes i could and i have an idea but i want to use a more flexible system.
Structures aren’t flexible from what i know.