Saving To Steam Cloud


Just wondering how I can save to the steam cloud for example the level of the character?
Ive been looking through the API and the only pages i found relating to this were empty.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks

If your integrating steam works in your game.
This could help

You need to Setup your Adminpage
They have a good documation here link text

FileForget bool FileForget( const char
*pchFile ); Name Type Description pchFile const char * The name of the
file that will be forgotten.

Deletes the file from remote storage,
but leaves it on the local disk and
remains accessible from the API.

When you are out of Cloud space, this
can be used to allow calls to
FileWrite to keep working without
needing to make the user delete files.

How you decide which files to forget
are up to you. It could be a simple
Least Recently Used (LRU) queue or
something more complicated.

Requiring the user to manage their
Cloud-ized files for a game, while is
possible to do, it is never
recommended. For instance, “Which file
would you like to delete so that you
may store this new one?” removes a
significant advantage of using the
Cloud in the first place: its

Once a file has been deleted or
forgotten, calling FileWrite will
resynchronize it in the Cloud.
Rewriting a forgotten file is the only
way to make it persisted again.

Returns: bool true if the file exists
and has been successfully forgotten;
otherwise, false.

Hope it helps