Saving System with blueprint

Hi everyone !

Hi want to setup a saving system for an html 5 project.
First I need to save only a certain type of objects and I have trouble to find the best way to do that.
After that I need to create a screenshot that will be used on the web page hosting the unreal app to load the saved data, and that’s where I’m absolutely lost.
How can I make the web page and the unreal app communicate ?
Most of all I need to find a way to drastically optimise the project’s size. I want to be able to load first an empty seen (an appartement), and after that I need to be able to load several pieces of furniture, but what I understood is that everything in the projet is loaded even if you only see an empty apartment.
Is the asynchronous loading working with html 5 applications ? Or is there another way to load each piece of furniture only when they are spawned ?
Any help would be very welcome.

Cheers !!!

Try the node Does Save game exist and Save game aswell those are simple

Hi Neongho,
Thanks for your answer, I manage to save my game but what I need is to save some type of objects so maybe I should use a kind of tag system. But it actually depends on the possibility of using the asynchronous loading with html 5 or not…