Saving Projects Directory

I have 2 drives on my computer, one runs windows, and the other for everything else. I installed on E:, and when I open to make new projects I can set the folder to any directory.

That said when I try to download anything from the marketplace, its automatically directed to C:\users, which I do not have enough memory to save anything. I can’t seem to find where I can change the directory.

Pls help

I ran into the same problem. I have 6 drives, running at 12 tarabytes, and my C: drive I only use it for the bare essentials. It literally has NO room for storage.

I’ve been looking on how to change this.

They might make that an option in the future in the setting pre-install.

Hi I’m having the same problem as well installing the engine, my C Drive is a SS harddisk so it doesn’t have the space to install it. Would appreciate any assistance, thanks!

You can move windows library folders like Documents by right-click → ‘Properties’ on tab ‘Path’ change the real path and then click on ‘Move’ button.
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That really works only for the first time. UE4 still saves projects on C disk after moving the whole documents folder to another hard drive. Currently trying to find out if I can change the location of Unreal Projects folder itself.

EDIT: Only 3Gb left on my SSD, no idea how to fix this.

same problem here, I guess now is a good time to reformat my C: anyway.

Also does any one know how to delete a project? just delete the folders?

Hi everyone,

The C:/ drive issue is one that we do know about and are working diligently to fix. Thank you for your feedback!

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Is there any news on this issue? Apologies if that sounded like an impatient request as it was not meant in that way :wink:

I currently have the UE4 installed on C:\ which is an SSD. I have my personal folders set to D:\ instead of the windows default of C:\ but I want my unreal projects folder to default to “d:\Users\username\documents\unreal projects” instead of “C:\users\username\documents\unreal projects”. Granted I can copy them over but when running the launcher it does not recognise the path and thinks they are missing and lists a repair option and when you repair it redownloads again to C:\ based path.

(I am making do with the mklink options to get around this at the moment)

On Windows you can create a symbolic link for now until a “true” solution comes along.

Example only.

Search Programs and Files > cmd

mklink c:\users\username\documents\unreal projects d:\Users\username\documents\unreal projects

This will create symbolic link between the two folders and you will still access your projects via the C drive documents folder but all of your projects and saves will be stored on your D drive.


If you are finding that you are in a constant state of always having to make room on your SSD then it’s time to upgrade as the primary drive is sill used to create a lot of different temporary files as well is used for page swapping, unless you change what drive is used for the swap file, and if you find yourself with less than 20% of the total drive space left you will start to run into performance issues.

In my case it has nothing to do with space on the primary system drive, just seems a bit redundant and wasteful in this day and age to have everything stored on the system drive when in a lot of systems nowadays there is plenty of space elsewhere. I have 10TB of space away from the system drive and it makes more sense (in my personal opinion) to have all the project and sample data stored away from the system. I, like a lot of users like to keep our system drives as clean and clutterfree as possible to ensure smoother operation.

just as a helpout, i have been looking into symbolic links and other similar links. i kinda have a sorta tutorial (i guess) its a thread in where i asked and after research i found the answer and left in in the thread for if it might help others.

i hope it will help. it will at least be easier than opening cmd if you want to do it more often. (i use it for every projects content folder linking to one folder with all content in it. that way you dont have all your content again and again and again)

I am facing same problem. I tried changing the path, but it’s not at all helping. Please post the solution if anyone has one. Will be a real help.