SAVING PROBLEM HELP (The asset failed to save)

when i edit a Blueprint in my project (.uasset) when i compile it work fine 0 problem but after when i save that .uasset a message popup and it says The asset failed to save when saving and i cant do anything

please help me i dont want to remake my game i have 2 week of hard work):

This is old, but for anyone who comes here looking for an answer, check task manager for other copies of the engine running in the background.

If you’ve had a crash and restarted, sometimes there is still a task running from an older version of your game. Once this is closed you’ll be able to save :slight_smile:



im having this problem but i dont have any extra processes running? any help


Thank you very much, I was going in circles and was starting to simmer.


Still helpful in 2022. Thanks.

Well, that was obscure but super simple.
Worked. Thanks!

Still an issue out here, amazing that this hasn’t been resolved in 2022.

I had this problem, where the solution was that I had a blueprint that was referencing a macro I had deleted. Macros don’t always show up as problems in the compiler, especially if they are just missing.

In short, Blueprints might have missing references, which sometimes prevents saving.

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and in 2023! Greetings from 5.1.1!