SAVING PROBLEM HELP (The asset failed to save)

when i edit a Blueprint in my project (.uasset) when i compile it work fine 0 problem but after when i save that .uasset a message popup and it says The asset failed to save when saving and i cant do anything

please help me i dont want to remake my game i have 2 week of hard work):

This is old, but for anyone who comes here looking for an answer, check task manager for other copies of the engine running in the background.

If you’ve had a crash and restarted, sometimes there is still a task running from an older version of your game. Once this is closed you’ll be able to save :slight_smile:



im having this problem but i dont have any extra processes running? any help

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Thank you very much, I was going in circles and was starting to simmer.


Still helpful in 2022. Thanks.

Well, that was obscure but super simple.
Worked. Thanks!