Saving/Loading Physics and Forces

Is there any way to easily save/load physics on an object?

For example, a ball is rolling down a hill. I save the transform of the ball.

When I load the save, the ball is in the correct spot; however, the physics are different from when the object was saved.

From what I can tell, the loading does not reset the physics of the object.

If the ball stops rolling after the save, it is still not rolling when loaded.

Is there an easy way to save the physics on an object at save time?

Right now, the only method I can think of is grabbing the forward vector at save time, stopping all forces on the object, then re-applying the force at load time.

Is this the correct/only way to do this? I could not find any tutorials on this, nor any other posts about it.

Where are you saving the values for the ball? You should just be able to save those values, set them as a new variable somewhere (game instance perhaps), save those and then load those.

Right now I’m saving the transform for the ball inside a custom save game blueprint. My save game blueprint is inherited from unreal’s save game class. I have all the variables that I need to save within my custom save blueprint. Why would saving inside the game instance change anything?