Saving level from gameplay

Hi, I am new to this so I need some help or references to some tutorials.

I made a BPscript in the eventgraph for several actors that works together, is it possible to get all functionality to the construction script?
I have cableactors that spawn to different locations, and i have a electricty script that needs to update correctly etc…
Or is it possible to construct the level in runtime and use a button to save the level, so the next day I can easily load up all my work again or for use to clients when i have released the game?


Have you check ? Maybe the use of game instance could fit what you need by dispatching variables where you need them on load.

I will look it up. Thanks!

I tried the above but it wasn’t working as i wanted. This was solved by setting up a constructionscript so I could connect all cables as i wanted and on event begin play i ran a custom electricity update. Works fine!