Saving level as a new name breaks sequencer links


I’m new to unreal, just building a cinematic to get started.

I don’t really understand how the saving works. Every time i save a level with a different name the scene seems to instantly change, and the Actors in the sequencer go red and lose their links. Am i doing something wqrong? What is the correct method to incrementally save your work?


Anything in Level Sequenc3e is linked to the level. When you make a new level or change things you break that link.

To re-link them go to the wrench icon in Sequencer → Fix Actor References

Your other option is to right-click on each red track → Assign Actor → the actor in the list. If you select the actor in the viewport you can do the same but select repalce with current.


Ah ok, thanks. So if you change the level name that’s effectively a new level? I see. Thanks for the wrench tip, i was looking for that from another tutorial but couldn’t find it

Hi…sorry still struggling with this! What’s the best way to work? Stay in the same level and duplicate the sequence, then rename it version 2?

In other words what’s the best way to make various changes and save them as separate scenes so that i can go back to an earlier version if the client prefers it?

if your changes have to do with animation then the best thing to do would be to stay in the same level and simply duplicate the sequence and bump its number. Think of it as a new take. That minimizes relinking and allows you to use any take that you did.

If you change the environment then that can get trickier. You can use sublevels to break environment areas/features and then enable disable. Likewise you can use landscape layers.

Thanks scott!

I’ve just finished my first official project in unreal. I must say I think the main problems i had with the project were all about sequence and level linking errors. Each time the animation that played in the sequencer was not replicated in the render export. I saved a huge amount of time rendering but annoying that so much time is wasted on fixing render exports that fail!

The most common error i would have was when i duplicated a sequence, the camera in the new sequence seemed to be corrupted in some way. Perhaps because the ‘camera cuts’ or some such history related to the camera does not seem to duplicate correctly, or is still linked to the old sequence? The camera’s Level name changes in an unpredictable way. This led to the sequencer rendering either the wrong camera or at times ignoring the animation on the metahuman (agreed this could be another issue). But this happened extremely often. You get the animation just right, hit export, and then 5GB of garbage comes out!

The workarounds I used were quite bizarre… before rendering i would rename the camera, delete the camera cuts then rebuild, or even create an entirely new camera and copy over the old keyframes to get it to work. I also converted the camera to ‘possessable’ which seemed to work. Haven’t a clue why though! I guess I don’t fully understand the correct workflow for making sequences entirely independent of levels, and also how gameplay relates to all this. For my needs whilst I don’t require gameplay features, I’d really like to understand exactly how they relate to sequences purely so i can troubleshoot these errors.

I found that ‘camera cuts’ seems to be more trouble than it’s worth. I very rarely used it for it’s intended purpose and it caused all sorts of problems with render fails.

Sorry for the long post!

Forgot to add I totally loved using unreal for the project, just will be be a whole lot better when i figure out where i went wrong!

Yes, sequencer definitely has some issues that can be very confusing, especially with cameras and linkage. I filed a number of both bugs and feature requests. Anyone else with issues should as well.
Things like Attach don’t even indicate they have broken links.

You shouldn’t have had to go through all your hoops to get it to work through.

Like you, I tend to find it easier most of the time to simply render as shots and edit multiple shots in a video editor rather than trying to ‘edit’ a sequence of shots.

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Yes it’s not that big of a deal to take the shots into premiere etc and cut there. Would be nice to have the option of not using camera cuts i guess, then you would cut out those potential errors…

They could simplify the process where you only have 1 camera in the level sequence.

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Nice helps a lot!

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