Saving level as a new name breaks sequencer links


I’m new to unreal, just building a cinematic to get started.

I don’t really understand how the saving works. Every time i save a level with a different name the scene seems to instantly change, and the Actors in the sequencer go red and lose their links. Am i doing something wqrong? What is the correct method to incrementally save your work?


Anything in Level Sequenc3e is linked to the level. When you make a new level or change things you break that link.

To re-link them go to the wrench icon in Sequencer → Fix Actor References

Your other option is to right-click on each red track → Assign Actor → the actor in the list. If you select the actor in the viewport you can do the same but select repalce with current.

Ah ok, thanks. So if you change the level name that’s effectively a new level? I see. Thanks for the wrench tip, i was looking for that from another tutorial but couldn’t find it

Hi…sorry still struggling with this! What’s the best way to work? Stay in the same level and duplicate the sequence, then rename it version 2?

In other words what’s the best way to make various changes and save them as separate scenes so that i can go back to an earlier version if the client prefers it?