Saving landscape as objects

My idea is that I want to make random maps. Lets say I make a landscape (2x2 tile) and put everything i want to be on this tile trees treasure chest etc. I do this with 10 different tile. Can I save them somehow to randomly put them next to each other to make maps slightly random ?

Yep, it’s possible if I understood correctly. But… it will be hard/possibly impossible to get the landscape heights match.

To make the tiles, you can do it inside 3d program or by using ActorMerging inside UE4 - YouTube

Then you need to make a blueprint, something like this Blueprint Generating Procedural Rooms | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube

And then you get the problem of the landscape heights… :confused:
But hope this helped, cheers :slight_smile:

Look into level instances, also the live training on level streaming dives into what you are talking about a bit (I think i the Q and A section at end.)