Saving HDD Space for users with small SSD

If some have noticed a good chunk of HDD space missing its because of this folder:


This is a cache for your assets or so it seems from reading places. My problem was the fact that this was eating away at my poor little 120 GB SSD, atleast 7 GB of data.

So for those that want an easy way to move this folder you can just make a symbolic link with the following:

mklink /d “C:\ProgramData\Epic\Engine\DerivedDataCache” “D:\U4_Temp\DerivedDataCache”

The first directory is UE4s normal directory path for this cache. “C:\ProgramData\Epic\Engine\DerivedDataCache”

The second is where I want to create the physical link to. “D:\U4_Temp\DerivedDataCache”

Please note i created D:\U4_Temp manually.

All you have to do is rename your DerivedDataCache to xDerivedDataCache and run the above command in CMD or in a bat file to create the link. Not that I deleted my cache folder so i had to wait about 5 minutes for UE4 to recreate the files on my D drive.

Hope this helps…

And remember its not the size of the HDD its how you use it!

This is a good tip, though I’m probably not the only one that has the SSD to help improve the performance of UE4, in which case you want to keep as much there as possible.

Be nice when SSD’s drop down to the price of HDD’s, but with the same/similar capacity :slight_smile:

thanks alot for that :smiley:

Looks like if you wish to do this, you will need to do it for every new version. My folder path, for example, is AppData\Local\UnrealEngine\4.1\DerivedDataCache.

I really wish there were an option to indicate where the AppData folder should reside for UE4 so that all version go there.

thats nice to know thank you.

What would be very cool would be a tool built into the game for automatically and manually migrating game assets back and forth between an hd and a ssd.

Since 4.18 you can now set the path for the DerivedDataCache directly trough EditorPreference Global Settings.
this was posted by spaceharry in this thread. I am only passing on his information.

that is really nice to know!