Saving game progress

I’ve been looking around for this in the docs and see no easy way to save game progress in a single player, or even multiplayer game. I’d want to save the entire state of the level somehow. It would be pretty cool to allow people to rejoin a multiplayer coop game as well if possible.

The classes I’ve seen relating to save game are basically just storing some kind of property like Gamer Score or something, which would be OK for interlevel saves where I only save inventory states. But this wouldn’t handle storing the actual state of a map at the time.

Is there any already built in way to do this or is saving game state not something general enough that it can just be built right into the engine for any arbitrary game?

I can probably do something like this on my own if the solution doesn’t exist.

The closest thing I can see to this is the way levels are saved by the editor by being serialized and deserialized.

I’d also want areas to be persistent so when I go back to them metroid style, they are in the same state they were before. My levels are randomly generated so they are completely blank on startup.

Saving a game is actually pretty much the same, because while the is playing, the stances of only few objects get modified, for example the locations, so you save them. Just make a array of all objects you want to save and save them. Check out this:,Read%26_Write_Any_Data_to_Compressed_Binary_Files

Your map contains a lot of objects with sets of property, you save these properties after game session and next time you play - you just load updated properties. Objects will be initialized with new properties and etc.
It’s how save/load system works in games, it’s not some sort of magic Oo

Ah cool. I have no problem with doing it all manually like this if that’s how it’s done. I was just wondering if there was already some built in way to save entire map state.