Saving functions in Blueprints

I have been trying to become more efficient with blueprints I have been going over the documentation. I have a question can you save a function that you have made in a class blueprint and use it with other blueprints that you may make latter. I made a function called Distance Function and I want to use with some other blueprints that I may make later.

If you’ll inherit your BP from a BP containing that function then yes, it should be possible.

You may want to create a Macro Library, which allows you to create a library of Macros that you can use across multiple Blueprints.

Okay that sound good. I am trying to learn how to use blueprints. I am beginning to see the power of blueprints. While learning blueprints I am trying to brush off my C++ skills it has been years since I have programmed using C++ it has changed a little since I have used it. Anyway thanks for your suggestion.