Saving Dynamically Generated Widgets

Greetings - I’ll try to explain the issue Im running into. I have a master widget that has a Scroll Box. And then many other widgets that are made up of Text, Images, etc. When a player clicks or types in something specific (Picture of an Apple) - The system find the corresponding Widget, and adds it to the Scroll box in the Master widget. Then the player goes on to click on other items to add. The way Im currently doing it is using a Size box as my container, and then swapping out other size boxes for the new ones so they can be different things (text, images, etc).

My question, if you have had this issue in the past is Saving the ‘state’ of the Master Scroll box, and its contents. I have been able to figure out the Text part because it is quite simple to create a variable for the Text, and then save it, and then re-submit it to the Scroll box upon load.

My issue is the Images, Because they are sitting inside of a Child Widget/SizeBox/Button/Image - I am having a challenge with creating a Variable that holds this entire path, in order to Re-Populate it into the Master Scroll box upon Load.

The way its currently setup, is Im swapping out empty size boxes in my Master, with size boxes that have content from other widgets. So far all efforts to save the Size Box content, only spits back the size box name… and not what Widget it is associated with - so the system doesnt know where to go grab this image from. Thoughts?

See image:


The Variable Current Size Box - is the one that is set when the user clicks on something. IT then Sets another variable inside of AIReplyWidget which spits it back out into the Master Scroll Box. The Current Size Box is what Im looking to capture to save - but it only saves the size box name, not the origin of the size box.

I am having a similar problem… Did you figure out a solution?