Saving Data Without Allowing Cheating

Okay, so I’m going to preface this by saying I’m not entirely sure if this is the best section for this post, but I believe it fits. Sorry in advance if it doesn’t.

So, my first question is with regards to saving data locally. How resistant is this to a player trying to edit files manually? Is there a way to encrypt the save files or would that be more work than its worth? If this is do-able is it possible to do from Blueprint or would I have to adventure into C++ to accomplish this goal?

This leads into my second set of questions. If this isn’t possible would it require me to setup a centralized server with a database to store this type of information? If this is the case, do blueprint nodes exist which can remotely query databases or would this also require diving into some C++?

My last question is with regards to Steam. The game I am working on will rely on Steam. It’s a multiplayer only game and so that makes sense to me. However, I know with Steamworks games are allowed to save some data to the cloud. To the best of my knowledge this is only if you are Greenlit/paid the fee, but if that were to happen, is this a viable place to store save data? As with my other two sets of questions, would this require me to delve into C++?

The type of data I would want to save is player xp, player levels, player balance etc. These are values which in a Multiplayer scenario I really don’t want people to alter themselves. As well, it would be nice if I could query databases to view information about other players.

I have no problem with diving into C++ or database languages if I have to as I have extensive experience with them; however, I have been learning Unreal in blueprint only because its much easier to get accustomed to what it has to offer that way, in my opinion.

Thanks in advance,

Take a read here :slight_smile:

That’s a very interesting plugin. I’m certainly intrigued by it. You mentioned in your write up on the page that multiplayer should be working, but you aren’t 100% sure, do you happen to have an ETA on when you will have that code finished?

You also seem to have a pretty good handle on UE, so I was wondering if you knew a decent RESTful API plugin?

Thanks again!

There’s VaREST in Marketpalce, free too.

I have implemented the anti-cheat tools in a Moba; it worked, but I have not tested by myself all multiplayer cases because there’s too many different scenarios in this area.

Fair enough! That sounds great sir, thank you very much for your advice/help!