Saving data from Blueprint to Google Drive ?

Is this possible ?
I want to do a test to save data to google drive, but i dont really know what to search for exactly, and i have not found any information on this topic.
Any help is very much apreciated.

So in any case where you’d like to get data from your game onto the web in any form, it is best practice to create your own API. I assume you know about APIs, but I’m going to explain in detail for the sake of clarity.

You’d first need to build the API. There are loads of standards out there for APIs, and I’m going to outline probably the most common. I would build a REST API (see and for great documentation around standards) in this scenario, with an endpoint to store the data. The language you use to accomplish this is fairly irrelevant. For example, you could use AWS Lambda in this scenario, to utilize a serverless API architecture, and script the API in Python. Or, you could go with PHP, since it has boatloads of mature, secure frameworks available to help you quickly/easily get this thing up and running. I personally would go with PHP, because it is very versatile in this space, but I would caution anyone who is not well versed in it, because it is such an incredibly loose scripting language that you can do things quite poorly/insecurely. It’s your choice, however.

In this space, there are further choices. Laravel is powerful, has functionality for deploying projects incredibly quickly, and is very commonly used, but is heavier than needed for a very simple API. Slim Framework is a micro framework with some great functionality for APIs, but doesn’t have all the commands available for quickly spawning new projects. You will, however, get much quicker responses from the server using Slim than Laravel when coded properly.

Once the API is up and running, the API will then need to talk to Google Drive. There is loads of documentation surrounding this, so I won’t go into too much detail. Essentially, once your API’s endpoint is hit by your game server, fire off the logic to get the data over to Google Drive. You’ll also likely want to add a record to your database which tells you that the data has been stored in Google Drive.

This assumes that you want an actual production game to send data to Google Drive, however. If you’re only wanting to upload to Google Drive locally while developing your game, this is massive overkill. If this is the case, you can simply setup local synchronization for Google Drive with their app, and save the data to whatever folder you’ve setup with these rules. Or, even setup some scripts to upload directly to Google Drive with your credentials, but of course you’ll want to ensure none of that code ever lives on a client’s copy of the game, both for security and reliability. You don’t want your game trying to save data to a folder that doesn’t exist on the end-user’s machine, and you don’t want your Google credentials living on end-user’s machines either.

Hi, and thank you for your answer.

Why do i need an API ?
Is it absolutly necessary ?

I mean, you can acces lots of things with just an url, why do i need one in this case?

Let me expand on the scenarion.
Imagine you have the game on your Pc, i want to be able to upload and download and delete from google drive, But there is no server where the game is hosted, only my pc, and my google account.

Is this possible ?

bumping because I too would like to know