Saving blueprints for later projects


I am still quite new to Unreal and learning Blueprints. Say I create a basic blueprint for player input. I save it, test it, and it works. What I would like to do then is to be able to save this function for a new project because chances are while I’m still learning this, I am going to forget what Nodes I added to create player input.

Is this possible? I have heard about Blueprint function librariess and Macro libraries but I don’t think this is what I want. What I would like is a way to export blueprints into some sort of library that I can quickly access without starting all over again.


You can migrate the Blueprint(Right Click->Asset Action->migrate).

You can also have the 2 projects open at the same time and copy/paste code snippets.

Forgot to reply. Thanks for the tips silik1 and Seed 37!