Saving best score in fastest time is a catch 22 situation. Impossible?

Is it possible to even do this? I’m trying to have a best score and time scoreboard that will only update if you beat your best score and time. The problem is you have to tell the game to not update the best score if you didn’t beat your best time but also tell the game to not update your best time unless you beat your best score. I’m trying to update using bools and if statements the only problem is they are each waiting for the other to update before updating themselves. Is there any way around this?

Wouldn’t it work if you always check both best score and best time?

If Score is greatest AND time is smallest Update.

You might have to decide which data value determines whether the score is better or not. If you want Time to be accounted for then have it apply a bonus to your end score, that way there is a relationship. You could also have it so that as the time increases, the bonus points it adds exponentially increase therefore making longer times more valuable. I tried for some time to work through this problem but each time I’m stumped.