Saving assets


I am trying to create an architectural scene within UR4 and I only get to work for about 5 minutes before the “Saving Assets” dialogs haunt my computer for about an 10 minutes. I am very new to unreal engine and I am using this for the purpose of Architectural visualization (And maybe a little game creation for myself). I am using Revit to create my model, Exporting to FBX, Opening in 3DsMAX, Smoothing Geometry and Un-wrapping UV. Then I am exporting back to fbx and importing the assets into UR4. Is there any way to set this scene up so I don’t have to continually deal with these “Saving Assets” dialogs?

Hi Dennisodixon,
For “saving assets” dialogs you mean the “auto save”?..I have never been warned about the needs to save my assets, just the message popup of “autosave”…and it tooks only few seconds even for middle heavy scenes.
what is exactly your problem?

Please disregard. I am using a heavy model and it was saving the imported assets to a location on my C:drive. It took forever to save all of the tiny details. Once it saved all of the scene items it all worked smoothly. This is new territory.

it’s ok!, we all are here for try to be helpful each other :slight_smile: