Saving and Loading a player build vehicle

I have worked in UE4 as a hobby developer for quite som time, but one thing i never did was saving and loading stuff.

What i want to do is making a building system where you, as the player, can choose from a set of different wheels, canons, you name it. You place these parts on you veichle and when you are happy with it, you save it.

What i was thinking, comming from unity, was to save these actors and their childs to a file, where you later on can load them from.
But i am completly stuck.

Does anyone have any idea of how to save a playercreated actor for later use? I would prefer to do this via blueprints.

Is using UE4 Save Game function something i should look inte more?
If anyone has any hints or site for me to read more on it would be very much aprecciated!
Thank you!

hi @PrimusSpenat
i have a complex vehicle and i made it using a custom variable structure.
When spawned this Vehicle can get a structure and build himself using the information inside.

So i just made a saveslot with the structure inside, and when i need that particular vehicle, i spawn the standard vehicle and call the CustomizeMe event.
The actor will loop in a various array inside the structure to add static mesh, set staticmeshes place them in position…

I know that exist this plugin too so take a look at it