Saving an image on a HTML5 build.


I am working on a random map generator for Tabletop RPGs. Users will generate an map composed of different modules/tiles and will get the output as an image to upload directly to their favorite online rpg platform.

It will be packaged as HTML5, and the issue I’m facing is that using a command such as highresshot will render the image, but not save it.

Is there a way to let the user download that image to a location of their choice?
Also, would it be possible to export the image as several tiles if it’s to big?

You can see a quick example here:
Pressing R will generate a new image.
Pressing S will execute highresshot.

Thank you,

Hello Nick S.,
The URL is missing. How was you do it for save a screen shot on HTML? I need to save screensshot and a txt doc. I think it is hardest to do it HTML.
Thank you Nick S.