Saving again.

So level changing is very hard but what about simple saving the game to file?
I read the documentation and watched a few videos.

And now im asking myself how is it even possible to create a more complex game save…

I have a huge amonges game system. Dialogs AIencounters Items Timeofday player stats inventory NPCs…
How the hell can i save that all at once? Its near impossible to get even the Dynamic Ai actors… not even speaking from the Dialogsystem…
The game always knows every variable at runtime so why cant i just mirror that table of variables and load it up?

You create your nice game but end up against that weid ghastly saving problem. I know of certain that there is a technique wich creates such mirrored tables. They are called .sav files and tend to be bigger then a few MB. But that would be perfect.

What can i do?