Saving after adding a Texture2D Ref in Struct "turns it" into a "Object Reference" variable

So yeah, title says it all. The caveat to this… seems to work just fine in filtering out the textures. It is not a “true Object Ref”

Steps to repro:

  1. Open up a blank 4.17.1 Blueprints
  2. Project Create a Struct Add a Texture2D Reference
  3. Hit Save or Cntrl-S
  4. Watch it turn into an Object Ref

Edit: In addition to Texture2D, the following so far are bad (I’ll add as I run into them):

  • Skeletal Mesh
  • Static Mesh
  • Enum

Hye -

I was able to reproduce the behavior you show in your gif, however I found that this has been fixed in an internal engine version and will be included in a future update to the engine.