Saving actor blueprint dynamic material instance with level stream


I got a actor blueprint with a chair in it. I’m able to change the material via dynamic instance material. So far so good! But the thing is i want to be able to save in runtime the change i made in my actor blueprint, in this case, the
material instance. I know (with the help of some tutorials) how to save the basic like the position player etc… but don’t know how to do this, no hint at all! This is the first part of what i’m trying to achieve here.


The other part!

I want to do is to be able to save in a streaming level my blueprint with the change i made in and when i unload the streaming level and comeback in the same stream volume to reload the previous change that i made in the same blueprint.

So guys, i need a hands here :confused: If someone can explain me how i can make this happen, it will be greatful!!

Here some pics to put you in the mood loll