Saving a Matinee Data

Is there a way to save the matinee data out of a default matinee actor (InterpData_1)? The only work-around I can see is creating a new blank matinee data asset and copying over all of the tracks from the original default matinee. But depending on how much work was done on the original default matinee, that could quite tedious copying over all of the tracks and re-assigning actors.

I too would like to know this.

Hello crackboom,

There are a few options available in order to copy matinee data from one actor to the other.


1.) Create a matinee actor and add some keys to a camera that you create.
2.) You can then alt drag to duplicate the matinee actor.
3.) From there you will need to open the new matinee actor and assign the camera to that group.


1.) Create multiple matinee actors and then manually transfer the tracks from the first actor.
2.) Repeat step 3


1.) Export all as a .FBX for editing in an external software
2.) Reimport as a Media file.
3.) This method does not allow for editing again within UE4 after reimporting