Savegame USED To Work

I have pretty much everything linked to my savegame, so this is really stopping me in my tracks.

I was making a level the other day, and I did something which crashed the whole engine, even after reopening. So I deleted the file for that level, but now my savegame isn’t working at all, even after creating a new one in blueprint the cast always fails. I have checked the slot name, the savegame object itself, but I seem to be missing something. The craziest thing is, I have replaced my files with a backup I made a day before the incident, BUT THE SAME THING STILL APPLIES.

Might there be something wrong with the file location?

Oh, and by the way,

I had all my folders coloured, but it seems to have reset.

Maybe that may provide some context, even though I doubt it.

Okay, I’m pretty sure I fixed it.

For anyone also having this problem, I just reinstalled the engine and then added a “create savegame” after every failed cast of the savegame, even in places where it seems nonsensical.

Good luck!