'SaveGame' property not working.

Hi there,

I know I can save and load variants like ‘[在虚幻引擎中保存和加载游戏 | 虚幻引擎5.1文档][1]’ .
But it request me to load and get properties and set them back to every systems , it is not automaticly working when loading finished .

I have seen that almost every variable have a ‘SaveGame’ property (in the detail windows), I have heared that it is for Fortnite and has no use in engine but we can use it to make a custom save game system.
Is that right ? or our engine has already use it deeply and when we checked it that variable will auto be saved? (in my test it is not automaticly saved even if it is checked)


I don’t think that checkbox does anything.

You have to explicitly save your savegame with SaveGameToSlot, and later use the LoadGameFromSlot node.

If you’re having problems it will be either that you are not saving or not re-loading.

Thanks bro, I know I can use SaveGameToSlot and LoadGameFromSlot to save and load data , but I am wonder whether I can use this to save and load every properties just selected the checkbox , no need to add them to savegame data and no need to set them back after LoadGameFromSlot .

Only what you explicity write to the save game will be saved.

See here about it:


Thanks bro, there are really few post about the ‘SaveGame’ property, and i have seen that post before , but I am not sure about that, as it is not the official answer .

I think it has to be close to the correct answer, because the check box DEFINITELY has nothing to do with whether or not a variable gets saved…

Ok ,thanks bro , do you know how to get a official answer from the UE team?

You might randomly get an answer here from a staff member, but nope, there is no way of doing that…