Savegame not works

Hi all…
I have created this save game…
But the load doesn’t works…
Why? What I’ve wronged? And my variable saved is notte…but how i can get his value? I can set it only to 0?

In the second screen, you are missing the variable “Salvataggio”. You are setting it, but you have not yet created it.
Look at the left side of your second image. There under “Variables” you can see that you did not create the variable.
I assume you copy pasted that part from another blueprint.

Sorry…this is the full image…

Still the same. The Variable is missing in this BlueprintWidget. And you have not entered any slotname for the load function.

i have to create a slotname? obbligatory?
Where i have to set the variable salvataggio?
i arleady setted 2 times

“LoadGameFromSlot” needs a SlotName. The same name you used to save the SaveGame.

And the Variable needs to be created. Only because you copy pasted it into the graph, does not mean that the
blueprint has it created. Create the Variable, like add it to this specific blueprint. Click on “New Variable” on the left.

I can’t be more specific.

ok done for the name of the game…
Now why i have to create another variable?
I have to use the same variable of the savegame right?
i’ m doing all this in a menù…maybe is for this?

i understanded this but i not have to use the same variable used for the save game? I have to create another one called load?

If you are using the Created AND the Loaded savegame at the same time, then yes. Otherwise you will overwrite the variable.

thanks so much exi…it works now ;D