SaveGame not working on Android [after 4.8.1]

Hi everyone,
I currently work on my android game and I use there SaveGame method for saving high scores for each level. I also use SaveGame for saving user’s settings (like music and sounds). It was perfectly working when I was using 4.7.* versions of the engine, but after release of 4.8.* I got problems. Maybe, it can be because I use the new method of compressing the final .apk file, so I tried to disable this function and package it again - still not working. I don’t know why, but on my Samsung S5 there is no more the folder (called the name of the game) on the storage. I remember, that inside this folder there was another folders and one of them was called “Saved”. There was also the folder called “SaveGames” and inside I could find the .sav files. These files had names as I named them via blueprints in the editor. But I wonder, if this is not the problem why it is not able to save anything in my game. The blueprint I used for saving is correct. The same blueprint was working on 4.7. versions and is still working when I launch the game on my computer (even if I delete manually the *.sav files - they will be created by the blueprint again). I also have another problem with the newest version of the engine. The problem is, that if I launch the game on my S5, it will sooner or later crash. Sometimes it happens about 1 second after launch and sometimes when I try to Open Level in the game. My friends (with different devices) have the problems too. Is there any way how to check if my game doesn’t need too much RAM? Because since it was lastly working I added a lot of new graphics in my game. I should say it doesn’t crash with the standard crash notification (“GAME has crashed”), but it only shuts itself down.

Thanks for every suggestion

Hi Sojka,

In 4.8 the directory the logs and save games are written to moved into a UE4Game directory instead of being written to the root external directory to prevent issues with projects named the same as existing projects. Unfortunately, we discovered after release that the mkdir on some devices fails to create the intermediate directories in some cases and this means writing the files doesn’t work. There is a fix going in 4.8.2 but if you have the source form GitHub, you can apply the following patch:

Thanks for informations… I don’t have the source, but I’m glad that you are working on it :slight_smile: I will wait for 4.8.2. However, may I ask, if it might be the problem why the game crashes? I have some issues with graphics. For example sprites on background might work wrong, when I place an object that has an alpha in texture in front of them. Sometimes it affects the sprites and sometimes it doesn’t. I can add more troubles that I have with graphics. On android it doesn’t work well and I don’t know if it is my bad or not.

BTW: Link isn’t working (at least for me)

Glad to hear this is a known issue!

It’s is a total breaker for us, since we have to deploy to a specific Android tablet (about 100 of them!) that our client has bought and save games are mandatory. I will be very eagerly awaiting news about 4.8.2!

I’ll look into switching over to the source version from the Github in the meantime.

This is a better version of the fix:

4.8.2 should be out shortly.

Thanks for the answer. I will wait for 4.8.2 :slight_smile:

Awesome, will be eagerly awaiting the update.