SaveGame, General Debugging, and C++ over Blueprints

Hello All,

After some extensive trial and error, I finally got save games working in my game. During the game, I have it setup to only save data after the level has been finished. It works perfectly when I Play in Editor, but does not save in a packaged build. It creates the .sav file, but does not save the variables into it like it does in the editor. What is the difference? I have read through a couple threads about this, but they didn’t involve this. Their game was not creating the save, my is creating the .sav, but not saving anything into it. In my blueprint, I’m casting to my save game type, then writing to variables in the save game BP, then saving to slot. Is it possible that casting isn’t what I want to use, and instead create a save game variable in a Game Instance? I’ve been thinking about trying that, but it works in the editor the way I have it, so I’m hoping it is something simple to fix.

About degugging: is there anyway to debug BP’s in a packaged build? I tried creating a DebugGame, but could not figure out how to debug.

Anybody else had this problem?

Since Blueprints are actually compiled (far as I know) the only way to debug is with string hacks. Just have print strings everywhere. I am not sure about your particular problem, but I am getting weird behavior between in-editor play, AMI play, and packaged play. Though if I had to take a stab in the dark, do you have Windows User Account Control on?

I do have it turned on. Do you think that has something to do with it?

If Windows User Account Control was stopping the write to the .sav file, wouldn’t it have stopped the game from creating the .sav to begin with?

So I turned off UAC, that made no difference. I placed Print Strings all over the place, and it seems that some functions are not getting called

This is Begin Play in the Editor:
Screenshot 2014-12-23 17.32.24.png

This is Begin Play in a Development build:
Screenshot 2014-12-23 17.32.59.png

Has Epic said anything about making In-Editor and Packaged-Builds coincide a little better? Is this similar to the differences you are seeing in your build’s?

For me all character movement settings are reset to default in packaged builds although everything works just fine PIE. I’ve also seen someone post about physics constraints not working right in packaged builds alone so there do seem to be issues in achieving consistent functionality between packaged builds and PIE.

That said my character blueprint has always been plagued with numerous issues right from the start so my issues are possibly down to a perennially corrupt character BP. There’s issues in that BP such as random compilation failures/mesh component reset/nodes disconnected on editor start/etc (admittedly I haven’t done a good job of reporting those in the Answer hub but that’s partly because there’s so many variations of those bugs and none are reproducible in a new project).

So I narrowed it down to a cast that fails in a packaged build, but Is Valid returns true in PIE. Am I wrong in thinking this is a bug in the engine?