SaveGame don't save Floatvalue but Location and Rotation?

Hi there,

i have a strange Problem with the savegame and can’t figure it out, how to fix it.
So i have made a savegame and a loadgame blueprint. I can save and load the Location and Position from the Player, but if i want to save and load the energyvalue from “mycharacter”, then
i get Zero.

Here are the Blueprints:


Like i said. Saving and loading the Position work. But not the Energy. If i jump, the Energy decrese. I get the value from the Player. If i use the print string, it Show me the right value. But
when i save it to the Slot, then the value is Zero. Even if i set the value manually and load it, i get Zero. (The pin is connected, but in not in the Image.)

What are the Problem? Or what i’m doing wrong?

I hope someone can help me.

The Attached Image is old, please ignore it.

I found out, that the Cast to MyCharacter dont get through. So it dont save the value. But what can i do to save that value?

Your “cast to my character” has its input “object” not connected.

Sorry. Thats connected. But in the Image has not. Because i tryed it so many times, i have to set it up for the screenshot. It doesn matter what i do. The value dont get saved. I dont understand why.

Here new Screenshot. I hope it is better to see what i did. (I used a reference to mycharacter, i used a pin from get pawn and so on. I tryed everything. But nothing worked)


Is there another way to save that stuff? I could use the blueprint inside the Player. But i want to have the load and save Blueprint in seperate files.

I maybe wrong but i think you would try to connect your “cast to” from a get player character, not player pawn, to have it working.
And if it doesn’t change, i would investigate the saving part.

Hm…i tryed to use the Pawn. If i save, i use print string to Show the value. It said it is saved. But after Loading it is Zero. Look at the screenshots.
Sorry for the many screenshots. I use two Monitors.


Is there a way to find out, whats going wrong?


If i save that Value in a seperate savefile directly from the MyCharacter Blueprint, then it work. Strange…
I don’t understand why i can save it within my Player, but not within from another Blueprint (in this case: BP_Save and BP_load).

If someone find out why this happen, please contact me. But for now, i use the script inside my Player, then in works.


Update 2:

It seems that i found a bug. If i try to save the game with “Sequence”, then the values are set to Zero. If i set the blueprint nodes in one big row (or line) then it saves. So i think that everytime i use the sequence node, that the savegame are not created in the right way. Is this a bug?

That shouldn’t happen… Can you confirm that your “one long line” is the same ORDER as the nodes would be from the Sequence (remembering that a Sequence node carries out the ENTIRE execution path for pin 1, then the ENTIRE execution path for pin 2, etc.)? Could it be that you’re slightly changing the order in which nodes are called and that’s affecting it?

Puh…im at Work right now. I will have a look when i’m home. But i think the order was the same.

But one Thing is strange too. If i make a complete new Project and use my save and load Thing for Player Rotation it will work. But now the Rotation
dont get loaded. It’s saved, but nothing happen. Nothing is changed on the script, nor on the world Settings. This is getting me crazy