Saved Vector to load from keeps getting set to 0,0,0 on load.


I am close to setting up the basics of a Save/Load system through Unreal blueprint. I have 3 levels, each with level loaders to go to each. Using a modified version of the first person controller class. I am using the Save/Load function to store in a save BP 4 int variables(that are indeed saving and can be checked upon load), as well as storing the level name (for open level purposes) and the player vector upon saving.

Without the open level function, if I save and load, my ints saved will be loaded, as well as the player will be set to where the vector saved was. Great!

When attaching the Open Level function, the player will indeed load into that level, with the ints, spend about a frame IN THE CORRECT SAVED vector, and then be set immediately to 0,0,0 location. I am not entirely sure if it’s some general code or process within unreal or the first person controller class etc to reset, but I am pulling the saved vector variable from my save game, setting a local vector variable within the player controller to the same vector, and then Set Actor Location of the player controller to this vector.

If anyone has any idea as to why, when loading a save game, the player loads into the correct level, sits for a fraction of a second in the correct saved vector, then gets set to 0,0,0, please let me know. Posted below are my Save and Load calls on key press 1 and 2 respectively. circled in Green is the ints which are fine and being loaded easily, circled in Red is where it’s not working properly. Again, without the Open Level function, the Sect Actor Location function works properly and sets the player to to the right vector. Once the Open Level is added, the correct level is loaded, but the vector gets screwy.