Saved Game Question...

I have my all my Saved game blueprints which is just a Save Best Score set up. only thing is that i can’t seem to figure out how to bind the Load Best Score function to the UMG Text. Or would i be better off using Text Renders?

same problem with me, trying to study unreal save game system, and save game/load game object. It is making unreal .SAV save file, but saving/loading system not yet working

This is how I’m loading my player’s last saved difficulty and last completed level number from the save file. The SETs are setting the variables in my Game Instance. User Difficulty and Level Number are my variables that are being pulled from the save file.

Then I just bind the variables that are in my Game Instance to where I need them in the UMG.

This is binding the text color for my Easy Button based on the Game Difficulty variable I pulled from the save game and stored in my Game Instance:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: