Saved game loading empty?

Hello, I’ve followed all the tutorials but my save game is always loading empty.
**USaveGameFile **is a class derived from **USaveGame **with a float Test variable on it.

I save the game and it prints a random number to be saved (UT::Pop is just my print function), but whenever I load the game it’s always 0.

void USD::SaveGame() {
	USaveGameFile* save = Cast<USaveGameFile>(UGameplayStatics::CreateSaveGameObject(USaveGameFile::StaticClass()));
	save->Test = FMath::FRandRange(0, 10000);
	UT::Pop("Saving:", save->Test); // Prints Saving: 7346 (random number)

	UGameplayStatics::SaveGameToSlot(save, TEXT("SaveGame"), 0);

void USD::LoadGame() {
	USaveGameFile* save = Cast<USaveGameFile>(UGameplayStatics::LoadGameFromSlot(TEXT("SaveGame"), 0));
	UT::Pop("Loading:", save->Test); // Prints Loading: 0


Figured it out, my ‘float Test’ variable had to be UPROPERTY.

After making it UPROPERTY it saved perfectly!

Leaving this here for anyone else who stumbles upon it.

i love you