Saved Folder question

Hello to all!

I have read about this but I want to keep asking and be sure before I continue developing my game. Each day I progress with it, my unreal project comes bigger and bigger. Now Its size is over 10+ Gb. I have seen that almost 8 Gb of them are all stored inside Saved folder.

Can someone tell me if its completely safe to delete Saved Folder and continue developing it??

Thank you.

Open it and check Backup and Autosave folders. Probably this two are candidates to delete.

Hey gon,

It is safe. Your editor settings will go back to defaults, and project related data will be recreated automatically as needed.

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Thnx to both of you for answering!!

Checking inside Saved I found this :
Autosaves is almost 900Mb, Backup 249Mb, Cooked 600Mb, Logs 5,11 Gb, Staged Builds 794Mb.

What about removing all inside those folders?

Autosaves and backups may be useful in case of editor crashes and so.

Logs are temporary files and can be deleted.

Builds - is build data generated during building app. It will be re-generated on next packaging/cooking, but may take a longer time without those previously created files.

Cool, thnx redbox.
I think Ill remove everything inside Logs, 5Gb less is something very important.

If you are working in a starter content’s level, it would be saved inside the saved folder!

OldPost, sorry.
I have 4.26 version.
;y game 2GB
The Saved Folder 8.01GB
If i keep working…8GB 15 GB 30 Gb in the saved, dont care.
BUT, when finish the game delete all.
Is Posible do that without damaeg the game?
Sorry for my english.