"saved" folder in project


I made a backup of my project before 4.8. Today I wanted to make another backup (4.8) and noticed that the project folder is not even half the size of the 4.7.
Now i figured theres gotta be missing something (but the project worked fine and had everything in it I thought) so i checked and came across the saved folder.

The 4.7 saved folder is 1.15GB and the 4.8 saved folder is 300MB. Am I missing something? What things will be saved there? What will be transfered if I convert a project? I am currently not missing anything, but would be sad if I found out some settings have been changed to default (for example I made changes to the online subsystem lines in the engine to test the game in lan mode after packing)


The saved folder can be safely removed and should not be packaged with your game … a quick search on Goolge will verify this for you.


Directory Structure

i did not worry about deleting.

i was worried about that some config did not get updated to 4.8

Well the fact that you can delete it means that it is rebuilt and restored whenever you start your game. It is non critical data and therefore I wouldn’t worry about the size differences.