Save Widget Reflector's Application Scale value

How do I save the Application Scale value in Widget Reflector? Everytime I open Unreal I have to change the value.
Am I using the right option for scale Unreal UI?

Thank you!

Is there a reason as to why you would want to have your editor UI scale at that scale with every launch?

Yes! The UI is too large, I can’t see much of the panel Modes, for example:


Thank you!

Is there a solution for this? I have a 4K monitor and the font in the editor is too small for me to read.

I also have the same problem. Some folks have told me I have to do it in Windows, but my question is why would this scaling issue not be able to be set permanently within UE4 if it can do it temporarily. This makes no sense.

@Mr_Curious. I’m creating a pull request to be able to **save **the application scale by the Editor Preferences:

thanks for this

@Sam_TinFoil , sorry to bother you, but could you see this Pull Request, please?

I made a simple change to a feature that will help some users:…0f9fef06f3b6dd

But the reason for not accepting it really disappointed me:

I am grateful for Unreal and I know that you are making the new version, but I would be grateful for your attention on this problem.

Thank you!

We really need an option to set our changes permanently.

Thankfully, this brilliant fellow made a plugin to do just that. See ScottKirvan/UE4-ScooterUtils: A UE4 plugin which contains miscellaneous utilities for Unreal Engine (v1) ( For UE5 there is a small fix as it does not support Win32 only 64 to fix see Update for UE5 · Issue #8 · ScottKirvan/UE4-ScooterUtils (