Save video feed from camera object.


I have developed a simple object tracker in C++ and successfully send the rotation and translation vectors to a pawn class in UE4. I have connected both pieces of code using shared memory. All good so far :cool:. My next goal is to send the camera view of the camera I have in the UE4 scene to my other C++ application. For this purpose I’m planning to follow the same strategy and make use of shared memory. However, before worrying about the “video transfering stage” I’d like to understand how the camera system works.

So, instead of trying to solve my problem directly I’d like to first accomplish a simpler goal: gather a few frames from a camera object and save them to disk. This is the first two doubts I have:

  1. Where does the camera object live? GPU or CPU?
  2. I’ve been exploring the “SceneCapture2D” object and do some test inside the editor (displaying the camera feed on a plane). is this a path worth exploring?
  3. Is RHI (Rendering Hardware Interface) the way to go? RHI doc

Any ideas are very welcome.

I think a possible way of making my inital goal work would be to take a screenshot of what the camera sees (I’ll start by just using the viewport) but, instead of saving it to disk, use the TArray<FColor> Bitmap and copy it to a shared memory location in the RAM. Here is how I think I could make this work:

I’ve been checking the pipeline of methods that come from the method call

FScreenshotRequest:RequestSceenshot(<fileName>, <options..>)

And finally reaching


Around the middle of this method I belive the line

GetViewportScreenShot(InViewport, Bitmap, CaptureRect)

is the one returning the image array Bitmap Some how I believe I could make this variable accessible from my C++ class.

Would something like this make sense?

I’m working on the same topic right now. Do you succeed in the taking screenshot of the camera view? How’s that work? Thanks!