Save variables and Retrieve them on the go

So i have looked into many resources but some might have been good but doesn’t work for what i need.
I have a weather testing world that i need to save booleans for when an weather event is active.
(Ex When rain’s button is pushed to make it start raining it needs to save the true boolean. So then if you head over to another event and try to activate it is can call the rain’s boolean and compare it to see if it can be activated.)
I have save game and game instincts. But neither are holding the values and loading them back up when i need them too.
Sincelry icy,

The save game system can be tricky not because it’s hard to use but because there is a tendency in new devs to try using them at the wrong times, like before an object exists, or after the variables have been cleared due to opening a new level.

I think to troubleshoot this, you’ll need to show screenshots or code of what Events start the saving and loading to happen

Yep…screen shots

I don’t see anywhere that you either “save” data to the hard drive and load back up or where a variable is stored in the game instance which would persist between levels. The simplest thing to do us have these variables exist in the game instance and when you change them from a level or actor blueprint cast to game instance and change the variable. Then when you need to use them somewhere get the value from the game instance

here’s some screenshots.

The Cloudburst-is the boolean i need to save during the game play-
I have a function that pulls that boolean and set it to save boolean.

So that is pulled in the actor right now but when i leave(end overlap) it stores in Cloudburst active or not. But when i overlap again it defaults back to false.

So what i’m trying to achieve is a way to store the Cloudburst (true or false) statement in a place to when no mater in that level i can pull its state and use that state in an argument to see if it can be activated or not.

Sincerely Icy.

I took out the game instance and save game to narrow down the problem and the screenshot above where what i was trying to save. So then i need to lean who to use game Instance and apply it here again in the proper way? I’ll look in it again.
Thanks Icy

Yea we need to see how you attempted to save the data in order to help not just what you want to save