Save user data in one map that persists on another map simultaneously

Will it be possible to allow island creators to save player data in one creative map and then load that data in another creative map?

Imagine you go into (A) creative map made by X person and earn some gold coins + weapons. You then leave map (A) to go into map (B) made by person X and the gold + weapons earned in map (A) show up in your inventory on map (B). This would be amazing from a user perspective and enable a persistant user experience akin to popular concepts of the metaverse on a micro level within Fortnite.

From an island creator perspective, this could potentially be done through Epic enabling the functionality by creating save devices that have a unique ‘Key’ a creator would need to assign to the device in both map (A) and map (B) that pushes + pulls user data from the same database. Alternatively, Epic could open up UEFN & allow API access so Island creators can store this user data in a third-party database and push/pull through some Verse code or build-in functionality (though I am unsure of the implications of this approach from a legal perspective re: allowing island creator’s to directly access user data). The Epic dev team would have better solutions, but these hopefully get the conversation started.

Is this possible? Can we make this possible? Since UEFN & UE5 are meant to become more or less the same thing eventually, I imagine this will become possible one day, hopefully soon?

Thank you for your feedback. While I cannot guarantee a response, I can confirm that this has been forwarded to the appropriate team.

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Thank you Jay!