Save us Epic you are our only hope

Please for all that is sacred on Corusant…can Epic use some of its wealth and clout and wrestle the star wars licence away from EA.

I’d love to see what a proper games company could do with it, a company that has some actual standards and knows how to make a game, both technically and gameplay wise.

Forget this Apple nonsense Tim, EA is the real enemy

I’m a fan of all things Star Wars (addicted to choreographed light-saber fights on YT:D).
But gotta ask, does the world really need more Star Wars IP. What’s left or still missing…
Are there new places or new ways you can still see Star Wars going, even with games?

Don’t get me wrong, I think ‘Star-Trek’ IP is even more tired and played out & cliched tbh. :stuck_out_tongue:
But I wonder if its time to let SW die, and tell new stories that better represent chaos atm.


Look at the ‘real winners’ from the whole pandemic meltdown: Its all ‘Tech Billionaires’.
Yet it seems, no amount of money / control / user numbers or ads, is enough for them!
We’re living in an era that’s taken an even darker turn than ever seemed possible imo.
The US Antitrust report this week is pretty damning! But its not even tackling the crisis.

Look at how Facebook + WhatsApp have fueled deadly violence from Myanmar to India.
Look all the ‘Election Interference’ around the world, thanks to Zuckerberg & Thiel & pals.
You can’t visit a single website anymore, without them ‘fingerprinting’ you across the web.
Govt health websites are the worst for invasive trackers, they just sell you out to big tech!
When all that data eventually gets fed into algos that decide everything we do, what then?

There was a Sci-Fi that’s much darker than Star Wars. It doesn’t have cute or tacky aliens.
It deals in themes of human slavery and control, through disinformation and tech dystopia!
Its absolutely ancient (from the UK). But never got a shot as Microsoft bought it & buried it.

It’d be a better IP for Epic to buy with their $ war-chest, as its under-developed yet proven!
A famous actor likes to say: ‘you should never remake or reboot successes - only failures’! :wink:

I agree that EA is messing up at least some of their games, often feels basically like the same with different models. Battlegrounds is too imbalanced due to op Jedi, Battlefield sucks because of their air bombardments. I wish I had the time to create my own shooter.

Star Wars stole all the ideas from DUNE!!

  • runs away dodging thrown rocks *

We certainly should let star wars die if all we’re gonna get is EA making games and Disney and JJ making films, put the thing out of its misery :wink:

I know what you mean though even I’m sick of star wars in general they’ve totally ruined it. But the nostalgia for the original era will always be there, and when a games company releases a new xwing style game (its not, its battlefront 2 again) I’m gonna buy it like an idiot.

And then get screwed by EA’s lies again…

You know if Epic had released an xwing style game it would have least worked :wink:

Star wars is a licence to print money, so EA dont care whether it works or is even good, the figures will say its a success and thats all that matters.

I would like to think Epic would never ship a game in that state, thankfully some companies still have some integrity.

Get running Bruno :wink:

(You are sort of right though :wink: )

Actually I take back everything I said Epic are just as bad as EA. Still selling a game on your storefront with no warnings to users that half the game doesnt work or that you need to enable settings on your graphics card to make it even half playable.

No refunds for knowingly selling defective broken products.

Get in bed with the devil Epic and watch your integrity plummet.

No more of my money spent on your store front again thats for sure.

Your customer service is awful aswell, automated bot responses from made up names. Shocking bollox

Wow what a coincidence…not heard a thing from Epic on the refund for days…write that and then all of a sudden Epic send me an email and offer a refund.

I take back what I took back earlier…

love you really Epic :wink:

I can totally agree, that Epic Games - is a team of professionals in the game industry, not alike all other game dev companies. Epic devs like to pay attention to details, and that’s really awesome. There are not so many development teams and companies, which I can trust. Besides devs from Epic, I would also prefer game development solutions from iLogos, because I’ve heard a lot of positive reviews about them, and based on their portfolio, we can say for sure, that they do know how to help any developer team with their development experience.

Epic should sue itself over lootboxes and lose it making all lootboxes gambling in US.
This move would kill EA.
Then they should buy Starwars, and all sports franchises.